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DRUNK :iconkonniwa:Konniwa 110 45 Coffee :iconz-doodler:Z-Doodler 4,637 230
It Takes Time (Jacksepticeye x Male!Reader) Part 3
We had clearly been driving for quite a bit because when Sean woke me up it was already quite dark, I sat up rubbing my eyes and stretched,
“Sorry I fell asleep like that,”
I heard Sean chuckle before he unbuckled his seat belt,
“Its fine, I made a stop at the shops anyway to go pick up some extra drinks for tonight plus you probably had a long day,”
I unbuckled my seatbelt and looked at him and the excitement from earlier raised in my chest again and I had to look away, its bloody Jacksepticeye! I took a look at the outside of the house and fond that it had a real homy and cozy look to it, we both got out eventually and I made a grab for the cupcake box and he grabbed two packets which clinked, we walked up the stairs and he turned around before we walked in,
“Listen I’m sorry for earlier, I know we just met but I feel like I could open up to you,”
I smiled sympathetically at him,
“Its all good, you looked like you needed to get that off
:iconaisiak:Aisiak 8 2
Here For You - BrotherReader X SisterPyrrha
Was for a holiday known as Valentine’s Day in a Modern AU. Also trying one with fluff since most of mine have lemons.
(m/n) walked through the household towards the kitchen, yawning. He saw his red-haired sister sitting at the table.
“Good morning!” She said, chewing on some breakfast.
“Morning Pyrrha,” He said back, stretching.
He sat down at the table and rubbed his eyes while she put a plate of bacon and eggs with pancakes and a fork in front of him.
‘I shouldn’t have stayed up to finish that show.’ He thought, taking a piece of bacon.
He got up for the cupboard for a glass and walked to the fridge. He opened the door and grabbed the orange juice and poured some juice into the glass.
“Hey (m/n)?”
He looked up to Pyrrha, who was washing her plate.
“Better eat up. It’s almost time for school.”
“All right.”
He put the orange juice away and carried
:iconfiredragon336:Firedragon336 132 230
Quiet :iconliang-xing:Liang-Xing 2,447 60 HetaNews- Sealand Interrupts (parody) :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,212 53 Its vision is based on movement... :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 1,419 42
Draco Malfoy X Male!Reader- suddenly.
Draco Malfoy X Male!Hufflepuff!Reader
warnings: language
when you see '--' it means some time has passed
au! where they are still in school [5th yr] and nobody is dead and they have a normal time at their beloved wizarding school
*draco + harry not on as bad of terms, but draco can still be a jerk
**platonic reader and harry aka the aggressive bromance
"I just don't understand," You moaned, laying your head on the table, "Why do we even need to learn potions? I don't even want to do anything that has to do with potions when I get older." 
Harry patted your back, trying to sooth you, "It will be alright [Name], you'll get the hang of it soon enough." He tried to assure you. 
Your head snapped up to meet his, "No, I'll make a fool of myself again. I put Seamus to shame with how many things I've blown up in my face." You plopped your head down with a thud that made Harry wince, "I just have to face it, that I'll fail." 
"This is sad [Name], maybe you should talk to Prof
:icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 115 24
Draco Malfoy x Male!Gryffindor!Reader
There is a scene where I looked up the script, so please don’t yell at me for it. I warned you now, there is a scene with what was really said. I guess in a way it’s a bit copyrighted.
It’s your third year in Hogwarts, you were sorted into Gryffindor. You were a pureblood wizard. Your line of ancestors were all married to wizards or witches, It wasn’t because your family hated muggles, your ancestors just fell in love with their school crushes. You were close friends of the ‘Golden Trio’, and the Weasley Twins. You were known as the ‘Most Intellectual Male Student’ or the ‘Most Talented Male Student.’ and so much more. Basically, you were the nerd, who was every teacher’s pet.
You studied day and night, for fun and for the learning experience. Most of the school were surprised you weren’t a Ravenclaw. Yet, you stood up for yourself when someone tried to bring you down. You were often going to places others wouldn
:iconidcforusernames:IDCforusernames 119 8
SPN DeathXMale Reaper!Reader- Big daddy reaper
(A/N: alright my First reader x character thingy, I’m ready to jump off a bridge after this xD enjoy)
You sighed softly escorting the old man out of the hospital room, the family of the old man sobbing and crying. “Do I really have to go?” the old man asks you his voice sad and pleading, you looked at him running a hand trough your h/c locks. “I’m afraid so it’s your time” you reply, and guide the old man trough the hallway, people would just walk trough you, they couldn’t see, hear or feel you.  You were a reaper, a being to guide the souls of the dead to the afterlife. You nod at another reaper who’s standing in the hallway, the elderly man in suit has no emotions on his face and nods back before walking into a room. You hear the heart monitor going crazy mere seconds later; you weren’t like the other reapers. They all appeared as elderly men in black suits; you on the other hand appeared young, with smooth (s/c) skin a
:iconprimaltimediamond:Primaltimediamond 115 30
Mature content
Dean Winchester X Male!Reader - soundproofing - 2 :icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 21 9
Ahri Sona school days :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 14,442 311 Avengers Academy Stephen Strange a.k.a Dr. Strange :iconmugenmusouka:MugenMusouka 23 2 NyEH HEh hEH :iconazuneechan:azuneechan 934 132 Double Trouble: Extra 7 :iconazuneechan:azuneechan 343 76
Germany x Albino!Child!Reader x Prussia Ch.12
     Judging from the cameras, [Name] knew that someone had broke in, with many following. The guards inside the security room were knocked cold, and a half broken doughnut was left on a napkin. 
     She continued to stare at each individual camera, trying to find a familiar face. [Name] then saw America, who shot at the camera with a smirk. Urgently, she saw the others in the cameras, all shooting towards the screen. She flinched, but still had a smile on.
     They had come. For her. "I knew it. I knew you would come."
     Berlin ran out the room in a rush, eager to find the rest of the countries. She dodged a few soldiers by hiding near the corners, and tripping them. She managed to take one of their guns. And they were sure heavy. 
     "How do they even carry these things?" she whispered in attempt to slim the gun over her shoulder. W
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65 deviations
 Happy Chinese New Year guys!! 新年快樂!! Well there were recent events in Hong Kong that I want to talk about.
 First of all, since it's CNY, relatives, visits are keeping me real busy, so I have trouble drawing for you guys. There's another incident, recent political activities in HK are getting riled up and people are attacking each other because of the politics and the government. There was a political group who wanted to stand up for unlicensed hawkers and decided to start a procession(?) against the government. At first, only traffic officers could get to them and try to stop them, however people were armed and threw brick and rocks etc. at them. When the police finally came, the officers were on the floor and injured. The police with shields had to help them get out of there. It was scary, how people could just rip bricks and concrete off the floor and walls and get wooden sticks to hit the police. I'm on neither political side, but this is just plain insane... D: it was like the people had lost their minds and went on a rampage. Not just the police, but journalists and people who live there were injured and sent to hospitals. Pray for the injured, for HK, even if you're not christian (me neither). I just want this to all stop... DX
 Anyways, school is starting next Monday and I'm getting my exam results. Wish me luck guys :)

Leon, signing out


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I'm Leon. I'm love playing Pyro and Sniper in TF2 and I love listening to music. I also like doing sports.


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